Chanel Reissue Bag - 227

Chanel Reissue Bag - 227

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Item specifics

  • KD17 - L28cm x H15cm x D8cm kd17 - L28cm x H15cm x D8cm co don hang Nikki Geffen 1919, de xem khach hang co fan hoi khong co don hang 3123 - Rebecca Chinwah - aud carol chew ok , co hinh roi, dep

Product Description

Product description:

This organizer not only acts like a base shaper but also makes it so much easier to find your things and keep your bag as clean as you wish.

Color: Cream, Black, Light Pink, Red, Dark Brown, Pasted Plum , Hot Pink, Brown, Peach

*Please be noted the actual felt colour may have slight variable tone differences compared to the colour you see on the screen.

Fit for bags:

- Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bag - 227

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