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LV Ellipse MM

AUD $28.50

LV Pallas

AUD $28.50

LV Lymington

AUD $29.50

LV Noe Pouch

AUD $25.00

LV Nano Speedy

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LV Lorette

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LV Duffle Bag

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LV Daily Pouch

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Felt Bag & Purse Organizer 

Ladies, If you own a handbag, a purse, backpack at small leather goods item such as pouch, cosmetic bag, Toiletry bag, a Pochette …and would want to protect them from inside, a Bag Organizer ( Handbag Insert /  Purse Organizer ),  Small Leather Goods Organizer will help you protect your bag from the inside .

Our company KD Australia ( specify to supply the Best Purse Organizer in Australia. We produce all kinds of Handbag Organizer in many sizes and many colors to suit your needs. 

KD Store proudly to be an Australian company supply Handbag Organizer Australia. We ship within Australia and worldwide: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Asian Countries.

Main Products Include: 

Handbag Organizer
Apart from the standard look organizer, we also have Bag Organizer for LV Bucket PM Organizer, LV Bucket GM organizer, LV Ellipse PM Organizer, LV Ellipse MM organizer which requires a special shape organizer for these bags. You can even choose Customs Made (Customs Made Bag Organizer) .It will have at least 3 - 4 pockets in a KD Handbag Insert, 1 or 2 water bottle holder, pen holder, I pad holder, zipper, grommets, etc…

Base Shaper
Base Shaper is a piece of light weight board; it helps to prevent your bag from sagging or dirty. 

Backpack Organizer 
We design the Backpack Organizer high at the back and low at the front, so that it could also hold the backpack up. Backpack Organizer will have at least 4 pockets inside and outside pocket have zipper, water bottle holders in side. 

Small Leather Goods Organizer ( such as Toiletry Pouch, Cosmetic Pouch , Pochette, Lipstick Pouch , Crossbody bag, mini bag etc..)
This product is KD Australia store new develop products, it helps you keep clean your small leather goods product, especially for the toiletries pouch; make up bag which you will use daily.


KD Handbag Organizer is made of felt material which also called Felt Bag Organizer, depending on the design we will choose the right material for each bag 

We produce all sizes of Bag Organizer to difference designers bag such as Louis Vuitton bag, Gucci bag, Chanel Bag, Hermes Bag, Longchamp Bag, Givenchy Bag, Dior Bag, Goyard Bag, Everlane Bag, Mulberry Bag, YSL Bag, Valentino Bag, Balenciaga Bag etc…,further information, kindly send us an email and we will reply you shortly :